Monday, August 25, 2008

//One in a Million..

1/16/79 - 8/25/01
..hasn't been an r&b diva like her since. In memory of, here is the extra awesome anime clip done for her epynomous 2001 album by the homie Warren Fu who is a dope graffiti artist-turned-Star Wars-designer (and whose earth day, incidentally is today). I always tell my students the story of back in the UC Berkeley days how Warren ran up on Aaliyah at KMEL Summer Jam to give her an illustration he had done of her...and how down the line he ended up doing this. See kids, follow your instincts and your heart (and stop playin video games!). 1neluv.

Aaliyah "Last Night in a Million (DJ Neta remix)" - DJ Neta on myspace

Aaliyah "I Miss U (Remix f/ Jay-Z)"