Monday, August 15, 2011

//Sade IV/LA/DP

//See you in the Southland this Wednesday! I'll be rocking a 4th Sade Tribute with the Devil's Pie familia. (Un)official pre-party for the Soldier Of Love Tour which arrives in LA two days later!

With Resident DJs:

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Sade f/ Mos Def - "War of the Hearts (D's Bang Bang Relick)"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


//Big shout to my brother, my Knowmadic DJ partner and my friend in the highest sense of the word~ DJ Mpenzi. If you don't know by now he is the resident selector for the flyest Sunday night in the Bay, MÄJOR at the Somar Bar in Oakland. And he is our guest this Friday at We Love The Town. Listen to some of his mixes below and come through to experience live in stere-ere-o!!

Unwind Vol.1 - The Afrosoul Journey by Dj Mpenzi
Beres Hammond QuickMix by Dj Mpenzi

Sunday, July 10, 2011

//D's Midsummer DJ Chart 2011

//Haven't done this in a while but bringing it back! Recommended records and heavy rotators. With the music blog machine, releases come out and are forgotten by the next week. The best records will always be those that stand the test of time:

Gil Scott-Heron / Brian Jackson - Winter In America
Prometheus Brown & Bambu Walk Into A Bar
Big K.R.I.T - ReturnOf4Eva
Noñameko - Goddess, Vol. 1
Stephen Marley - Revelation Pt. 1: The Root Of Life
The Dime - Brickyard Cove
XV - Zero Heroes
DJ Quik - The Book of David
Casual - The Hierophant
Kelly Portis Productions - Hors D'oeuvres: Beats Vol. 2

Nas - Nasty
Frank Ocean - Acura Integurl (Emynd Remix) f/ Juicy J and Koopsta Knicca
Curumin - Ela (Ticklah Remix)
Jean Grae - I Rock On
Sade - Love Is Found
J.Rocc - Party
CanarySing - H206
Blue Scholars - Yuri Kochiyama
Los Rakas - Ta Lista

Reggae Riddims
Jah Army Riddim
Monte Carlo Riddim
Summer Scheme Riddim
O.M.G. Riddim
Pepper Riddim

DJ Mixes
Mick Boogie + DJ Jazzy Jeff - Summertime 2
DJ Paul Nice - Brazil 2
DJ Jaycee - Royalty: A King and a Prince
DJ Eleven - Summer Madness
Shred One - The Bird and the Beat
DJ Cecil - Mood

Monday, May 23, 2011

//ESCAPE 5/27 special guest dj un.d.fine

//It's been a long time, I shoudn'ta left you..

But been busy with new life!
On that note, cue the video:

//Oh yeah, and this Friday, May 27 #ESCAPE goes down in the Town, myself guesting in for DJ Zita, who makes her full dj return from maternity leave in June (hint hint #GOLDEN 5-Year Anniversary)!!
//Alongside yours truly this month at The Layover we got our fam, real humble cat and forward-thinking selector un.d.fine. As west coast legend Aceyalone once said, "me i'd rather be un.d.fine-d / not underestimated or undermined / i'm underlined as the underdog / under the influence of time." Come thru catch the vibes and listen good!

un.d.fine - "driftin thru space"
(live mix on neitherworld radio)

Aceyalone - "Arythamaticulas" (Capitol, 1995)

Friday, March 18, 2011

//GOLDEN with guest TAP.10 (HNRL)

//This month at GOLDEN we welcome back one of our favorite Bay djs, the fam Tap.10. A slick mixer, selector and music connoseiur, Tap.10 is a founding member and resident DJ for the mighty Honor Roll crew. Expect him to bring tons of exclusive tracks, sophistifunk, and even a tribute to the late, great Nate Dogg!

//While we're on the topic, go ahead and support Honor Roll valedictorian Trackademicks, who recently dropped his debut long-player State of the Arts, heavy with fly tracks like these:
Trackademicks - Check feat. Josie Stingray

//Tune in to Tap.10's weekly radio show, The Late Night Crate on
//One more time for West Coast pioneer and legend in the game, Nate Dogg. Bless.

Monday, February 21, 2011

//daddy's crate..

//words aren't really going to do justice here.. i'll simply say that i am certainly not the first nor the last to contemplate this young world soon come.. this lil mix goes out to all the dads who have been holding it down, all the recent papas and especially the soon-to-be-fathers. 1st take, no post-production cause daddy ain't perfect. bless..

photography: nina parks

daddy's crate.. dj dmadness.. feb 2011

show me the good life - blu & exile
invetro - organized konfusion
the foundation - xzibit
fetus (belly button window) - nas
seven months - bambu
be a father to your child - ed og & da bulldogs
searching - roy ayers
isn't she lovely - yami bolo
babyfather - sade
little one - bilal
ur daddy loves u (gil-scott heron) - dj asparagus

//Paisley Mixes..

//A while back one of the homies asked me if I knew of any good Prince mixes, or if I had done one for that matter. Live sets yes, but much as I love Prince, I never went in the lab to do something. Intimidating, to say the least. Fortunately for all of us, three seriously dope djs have attempted and succeeded. These mixes explore the deep catalog of a musical genius and living legend, and like a great dj should do, introduce you to lesser-known tracks and versions.

DJ Jaycee - The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol.1 (2008)
Joints from '78-'86 era Prince, The Time, The Family, The interview snippets are incredible as well...and if you don't follow The Afternoon Delight, Jaycee's drivetime mixshow on Atlanta's V-103 you might not know what radio should really sound like..

DJ Dredd - Prince "Genius" Mixtape (2010)
Can't say enough good things about this dude Dredd, but I will say he has held down the successful "Prince vs." party in D.C. for 10 years. This mix visits Prince sounds from '78-'90. Check his Soundcloud also for "Prince vs. Neptunes," "Prince vs. Andre 3000," and "Prince vs. Madonna vs. MJ" mixes...he's got one of the deepest Prince collections I've heard.

dj MOma - SEXLOVELY (2011)
I know, I just posted this last week for Valentine's Day, but any mix that starts with "When 2 R N Love" deserves another spin!

//Prince plays tonight and Wednesday in Oakland!!! Bless..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

//GOLDEN welcomes Dion Decibels..

//There's a GOLDEN lining to everything...even in this wet weather. Tonite we welcome the homie Dion Decibels. Been doing his thing for a while in the Bay, he is a selector, mixer and scratcher par excellence.
//Dion has a catalog of mixtapes that are diverse and creative...his mix Fazed: A Tribute to Riding High actually inspired me to do my own sample-based mix Folks get brown in the sunshine!
//In addition to spinning around the Bay, he also has been the deejay for ThinkBeat Radio since 2003, which you can catch every Friday night/Saturday morn 2-4am on 94.1 KPFA and Tuesday 6-7pm on All Day Play.

//Last but not least, Dion also rocks as the turntablist for The GetBack, an artistic collective and band from The Town that has held down many a vocalist at Monday Soul and other great venues, and is blowing it up with their series Get:LiveSessions. Check their latest session with DoD.A.T. on the mic:

//See yall tonite in the Mission for free good music and vibes at GOLDEN. Bless..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

//Valentine's Crate..

//Here are my favorite mixes that are appropriate for Valentine's Day, whether it's the love theme or the vibe of the music itself.. We try to help yall out but if the DJ's doing all the work though, something's wrong lol!

The mixes most definitely speak for themselves:

Neil Armstrong - Warmfuzzy (2005)

ThatGirl - Summer Love (2005)

Sake One - Hardcore Cupcakin' Vol. 1 (2008)
& Vol. 3 (2010)

dj mOma - SEXLOVELY (2011)

Cosmo Baker - Love Break (2005)

Steve 1der - The Book of Love Vol.1 (2007)

DJ Styles - Ms. Jackson If You're Nasty (2011)

Dion Decibels - Hurts So Good Pt. 2 (2009)

Ross Hogg - Love Letters (200?)

//And of course some of my own past mixes, shout to Mixcrate.Com..Enjoy and Bless..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

//RELEASE! New Oakland Thursday Debuts..

//This Thursday, January 6 marks the beginning of a new weekly which promises to bring "a free and freeing experience in Oakland, every Thursday." The People's DJ Cecil and selector fflood will be spinning house, classic & future soul vibes upstairs, while yours truly will be flinging dancehall and world riddims downstairs. There will also be Jamaican cuisine!!//In the meantime in between time, a couple release-full tracks for your listening pleasure:

Blackalicious f/ Lyrics Born, Saul Williams, Zach de la Rocha - "Release - Part 1, 2 & 3" (Quannum, 2002)

J*DaVeY - "Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana Cover)" (2011)