Wednesday, December 30, 2009


//As we bid adieu to 2009 and the first decade of the millenium, take a minute (or 78) to reflect with me on the year in music. It's always easier to focus on what sucked out there, but as I began compiling tracks it became apparent that it was still an excellent year for new works. The returns of Maxwell, Sade, Goapele & Souls of Mischief, dope Bay productions from Trackademicks, lots of extracurricular woodshedding from ?uestlove and Mighty Mos, next gen cats like Kid Sister, Wale and Jay Electronica (that's Jay ElectRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica Rasoul Allah Supana Watallah through your monitor to you!), African voices via Nneka & K'naan.. and don't even get me started on the riddims! This year I went to Jamaica for the first time and tunes like "Call on Me," "One More Night" and "Life" were ruling alongside riddims like Go-Go Club, Style & Swagga and many more reggae and dancehall joints I couldn't fit.

//So there you have it, my humble take on music I was feeling in '09. I recorded it live, one-take with no editing or mastering so excuse any roughness around the edges. Interestingly, after spinning vinyl since '94, it's been exactly one year since converting to Serato and for better or for worse this mix would not have been possible without it..

//Come thru tomorrow night for the GOOD LIFE New Year's Eve with myself, ZITA and DJ VNA and I'll have a few free cd copies available to take with you into the next decade. Happy New Year and 1ne Luv..

2009REWIND - DJ Dmadness - 12.30.09

1 Roses - Georgia Ann Muldrow & Mos Def
2 I Wanna Be Where You Are - The Roots with Erykah Badu
3 Love You - Maxwell
4 How I Got Over - The Roots
5 My Sweetie - Wale
6 Neva Believe U - Mavado
7 Come From Yard f/ Juakali - Kush Arora
8 Making Money f/ Warrior Queen - Kush Arora
9 Bill - Gaza Kim & Lisa Hype
10 A Nuh Whore - Demarco
11 Stronger - Einstein
12 Good Inna - Beenie Man
13 Wanna Be Ballaz - Assassin
14 Alive (Nightmare) (feat. RATATAT) - KiD CuDi
15 Cheeba (Nottz Remix) f/ Bilal - Shafiq Husayn
16 Chasing Pirates (Santigold and Snotty Remix) - Norah Jones
17 Purple Flip - ?uestlove, Foreign Exchange, Zo! & Carlitta Durand
18 Ay Yo (Soulquarians Mix) - Melanie Fiona
19 History - Mos Def f/ Talib Kweli
20 Down Azz Jawn - Kid Sister
21 Off the Pacific f/ Casual & San Quinn - TD Camp
22 New Wu f/ Ghostface Method Man - Raekwon
23 Walking (J.Period Remix) f/ Jay Electronica - Nneka
24 Soldier Of Love (Platurn Edit) - Sade
25 The Lovecats - 1-O.A.K.
26 Exhibit C (Sake1 DJ Edit) - Jay Electronica
27 Poets - Souls of Mischief
28 Just Begun f/ Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def - Reflection Eternal
29 Brooklyn (Go Hard) - Mos Def
30 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher - Mos Def, Black Thought, Eminem & DJ Premier
31 Empire State Of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) - Jay-Z
32 Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down - Alicia Keys
33 Milk & Honey - Goapele
34 Milk & Honey (Sake1 Refix) - Goapele
35 Heaven In Your Eyes - Gappy Ranks
36 Soul Rebel - Gappy Ranks & Nerious Joseph
37 Call On Me - Jah Cure
38 All About You - Wayne Wonder
39 Can't Stop Now f/ Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell - Major Lazer
40 One More Night - Busy Signal
41 Life - G Whizz
42 T.I.A. - K'naan
43 Fly Away - Wale
44 Flight School f/ T-Pain & Kanye West - GLC
45 For Your Sorrows f/ Too $hort - Big Boi
46 Bedroom Lights - Idle Warship
47 iFEEL f/ Blu - J*Davey
48 This Time Around f/ Phonte & Carlitta Durand - Roddy Rod

Thursday, December 24, 2009

//We've Only Just Begun..

//I rarely post the newest-new tracks because usually it's just some overblown innernut hype. But when I woke up to this track off Reflection Eternal's forthcoming comeback record I was incredulous. The star is really Hi-Tek's beat, from the sick intro to the horns..with everyone still jocking Jay Dee (respect) can't another brother who's been doing it just as great for just as long get some shine? And of course you've got the Funky Four Horsemen: Jay Electramadan coming off "Exhibit C", J.Cole who I was never trippin on but who holds his own well, and the brothers BlackStar dropping references to Othello, the Dalai Lama, Coming to America, New Orleans' fleur-de-lis, and hip hop quotables like "the devil at the dancehall, thirsty for a partner" and "Pure power don't power trip." Could the paradigm finally be shifting in hip hop? I mean it's been horrible for so long, maybe we just need to get out of this decade. Tracks like these are taking us there.. 1ne Luv.

Reflection Eternal f/ Jay Electronica, J.Cole & Mos Def - "Just Begun" (Warner Bros, 2010)

..and for the heck of it, here's the dope B-Side off Kweli & Hi-Tek's first 12" single pictured above, the title and intro passage of which are quoted from Ghanaian author's Ayi Kwei Armah's 1973 novel (which incidentally James Cameron should have read before making Avatar).
Reflection Eternal - "2000 Seasons" (Rawkus, 1997)

Friday, December 18, 2009

//GOLDEN Winter Breakdown..

//Ah yeah, it's GOLDEN Time! We were on hiatus last month thanks to support from the homies Willie Maze and DJ VNA... and we're back to close out the year the OG way, just me & the Mrs.

//Look for newness from Golden Soundscapes in 2010, including the 4-year Anniversary of GOLDEN, a January WE LOVE THE TOWN, a rebirth of one of our other beloved musical ideas on a 2nd Saturdays night, new mixes ...and the whole nine.

In the meantime here's a little retrospective of the GOLDEN Midnight Mixes, which we retired earlier in 2009. All are mixed live by yours truly Dmadness & DJ Zita at GOLDEN 3rd Saturdays at Laszlo SF:
HAPPY 30th B-DAY AALIYAH! - Jan 09
THE HARD WAY (the RZA/DJ Premier/Dr.Dre) Apr 09
- GOLDEN 3 Year Anniversary
DEEP IN THE 90s - Mar 08

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

//Good Life Reunited..

//This Saturday marks the one-night-only return of GOOD LIFE!! At Bliss Bar in Noe Valley after the Pacquiao fight..

//GOOD LIFE was a weekly Wednesday night event at Luka's in Oakland that DJ VNA and I started in 2004. We moved our night SOUL TRIP (Wednesdays '02-'04) over from the Lucky Lounge after Luka's opened. We held down that night, carry heavy crates of vinyl up the stairs to the booth every week for two years. During that time we had all our dj fam come through and rock with us, keeping it as Oakland as possible: Mpenzi, Proof, PantyROBber, Toure, Fuze, D-Sharp, Willie Maze, Tim D, Sake1, DJ Eleven, Pam the Funkstress, G-Smoove, Backside, Icewater, Crimson, G-Smoove, Oliver Orzal, Kaution, Lovelee, Treat-U-Nice, Phatrick, Lenior... and it has the distinction of being the night through which I met my wife! I had booked Zita to spin before actually meeting her in person.

//For the one-year anniversary of GOOD LIFE (which Zita spun at) we gave away these cds, which we recorded live with vinyl at VNA's crib. Listen to the needle dropping and the pops & crackles on the first record..
Good Life Vol.1 (2005) / DJ VNA & Dmadness //We decided to end the night while sitting down to dinner before spinning one indian summer night in 2006. VNA was starting law school and I was just getting burnt from 4 years of Wednesdays. Now VNA's done with his JD and passed the NY bar, so it's time to celebrate.

//By the way, GOOD LIFE was christened long before Kanye graduated. The night got its name from records by Anthony B, Cocoa Tea and Nancy Wilson. Also wanna send a big shout to our folks Tommy Wong, who created the original visual for GOOD LIFE, which has definitely stood the test of time in its simple elegance.

**As a bonus, here's another live mix VNA & I recorded and pressed up back in 2003 when we were doing the night at Lucky Lounge:
Soul Trippin' - Live at the Lucky Lounge (2003) / DJ VNA & Dmadness

Friday, October 30, 2009

//Oaktown State of Mind..

//In Oaktown,
East Bay jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can't do
Now you're in Oakland
These streets will make you feel brand new
Lake lights will inspire you
Lets here it for Oakland! Oakland! Oakland!

//Maybe, maybe not..but no matter what WE LOVE THE TOWN! Come show your love tonite, we've got prodigal son DJ Phatrick on deck, gift bags from Made Jewelry for the ladies, free cds from DJ Zita, and good music all night long. Costumes optional. Big dreams mandatory.

//Here's a bonus Town track from Oakland legends 3X Krazy, which I am sad to say that I neglected to include on my Folks get Brown in the sunshine mix:

3X Krazy - "Sunshine in the 'O'" (Str8 Game, 1995)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

//Marvin in Jamaica..

//Mini-Mix #4: Marvin in Jamaica
Last winter I came down with some pretty bad cold viruses so I ended up staying home from work and..making mixes! What came out of that were the following:
Mini-Mix #1: Home Sick
Mini-Mix #2: Epilogue
Mini-Mix #3: Dmadness' Breathing Apparatus
Now I'm back with another sick day today and the latest my series, which I view as kind of a sketchbook of ideas that could be developed further or just be what they be.
Without further ado.. Marvin Gaye takes a trip to Jamaica and this is the soundtrack:

1. Morgan Heritage intro
2. Sexual Healing (Fiesta Riddim) - Marvin Gaye
3. Vitamin S (Sexual Healing Rmx) - Baby Cham
4. Sexual Healing - Maxamillion
5. Sexual Healing (Dusty Smith Reggae Mix) - Marvin Gaye
6. Inner City Blues - Sly & Robbie
7. What's Going On (Truth & Rights Remix) - Marvin Gaye
8. Let's Get It On (Waiting In Vain Remix) - Marvin Gaye
9. I Heard It Through the Grapevine (J-Star Reggae Refix) - Marvin Gaye
10. I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Henry Tipper Reggae Remix) - Marvin Gaye

//By the way, the drawing above is taken from the dope deck that Western Edition put out back in April to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Marvin's passing--I just added a little rasta flavor to the image. 1neLuv.

//New Mixes from the Family..

//Wow, my crew has been busy lately! It's nice to be around people who work hard and refuse to rest on their laurels. The result is a slew of diverse new mixes for you, FREE!
//DJ Zita - MadeMix Vol.3: LoveHate Collection
A hot mix of 80s heavy hitters for the sisters at Made Jewelry. CD release parties at WE LOVE THE TOWN tomorrow and ALLURE next week. More DJ Zita here.

Cutting edge Afrobeat/House/Latin/Soul to unwind to from my bro Mpenzi hosted by Oakland's FEMI. Design by me! UNWIND Vol.1 still available here.

I messaged him to send me a mix for his guest spot at GOLDEN next month, then went to sleep for a couple hours. Woke up, the homie had already gone into the lab, recorded and sent this!

Enjoy! 1neLuv..

Friday, October 16, 2009

//GOLDEN: Zita's B-Day x SoCal Guests

//Yes yes, it's the GOLDEN time of the month again! We will be celebrating the earth day of the one MamaZita with guest shots from the following fam:

//BENCY (SD) - This dude Bency is one of the nicest, most genuine and generous cats I know. He works hard, takes care of his, and is the only cat who has a standing invitation to spin with us at GOLDEN. It's become sort of a tradition for him to come up in October and throw down for his born day, so consider this the third mo'gin. He's also nice on the tables so expect sounds across the spectrum of breakbeats, latin jazz, reggae, and below-the-surface good hip hop, and look him up when you're in San Diego.

//LADY SHA (Lioness LA) - Shaden is another righteous hustla on the turntables, and we all know the sisters have to hustle extra hard to get their due. She is a staple in LA and is recently returned from touring Europe. Come thru early to catch her sureshot selection of stuff you wish you knew about.

//..and along with the bright theme of the night, here's a new track from one half of the greatest hip hop group of all time. I rarely post new stuff cause everyone and their mom does that on blogs, but I've really been feeling Daddy Fat Sacks' new tracks, he's rapping his ass off and the beats are top notch--this one in particular by longtime OutKast DJ Cutmaster Swift. I love how Big punctuates his 1st verse with a Bay "yadadamean!"and then gives a shout to Volume 10 in his 2nd. I've thrown in the original sample as well, a classic Gamble & Huff production with Teddy Pendergrass on the lead:

Big Boi f/Gucci Mane "Shine Blockas" (Def Jam, 2009)

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes "I Miss You" (Sony, 1972)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

//GOLDEN Bay Lights

//It's dope to be a part of the Bay Area dj family, especially when you get to spin together. This month we welcome two movers and shakers you need to know about, if you ain't already heard:

//TAP.10 - Back in the deezy Tapan Munshi and I were in the same record pool in Oakland. Yup, we're REALly djs! We vibed because we both worked with kids, he with the mighty Youth Radio. I clearly remembering him passing me a certain remixtape that had me scratching my head to dope versions of Raphael Saadiq and Keyshia Cole. Fast forward to two thousand and now and the producer of those remixes is a national artist, their Honor Roll crew has a buzz that reminds me of Hiero in the 90s, and Tap continues to push the envelope with deep creative sets. Cop his recent Summertime Mix right here and come check him this Saturday.

//LEYDIS - I first peeped DJ Leydis (pronounced "laydee" suckas) in the homie Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi's documentary INVENTOS: Hip Hop Cubano, a film which reminded me why I was drawn to and originally fell in love with hip hop. Leydis came up in the scene as one of the first female hip hop djs in her native Cuba in the late 90s and early part of the milennium, competing in DJ battles, and lacing tracks for major Cuban MCs. The Bay's been graced with her presence for the past couple years and aside from spinning hip hop and latin flavors she also womans the decks for the East Bay group Los Rakas. Check this interview where she breaks down her history and experience as a sister in the game, and bring a notepad this Saturday at GOLDEN. 1neLuv..

//RIP to "Steely" of the great reggae rhythm section Steely and Clevie. He passed September 1st, and his legacy lives on in some of the baddest riddims in dancehall, and best known for their version of Dawn Penn's "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" In his memory here is one of the dynamic duo's big tunes:

Beenie Man - "Battery Dolly" (Street Sweeper Riddim)
(Steely & Clevie, 1999)

//Sade Tribute Pt. 2 Download

//If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of this mad limited CD it means I really love you or you were in the right place at the right time! For the rest of the world, my Sade Tribute Part 2 mix (recorded live back in July) is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD here, courtesy of Devil's Pie. There a still a handful of CDs available exclusively from the good peoples at The Giant Peach and isso boutique in SF if you so desire.
(click the tracklist below for download)

//If you are in the LA area be sure to hit up Verdugo Bar tonite as Professor O-Dub will be throwing down a special Aretha Tribute, and if anyone knows her catalog deeply it is the one O.W. 1neLuv..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

//GOLDEN East Meets West..

//For this month's GOLDEN we welcome two guest djs to the tables:

//DJ GRAVY - A wicked dancehall selecta, o.g. hip hop head, and all-around cool NYC cat. I highly recommend downloading his B.I.G. Tings a Gwan! mix right now, in which he flips Biggie vocals over dancehall riddims, juggling the Jamaican artists right alongside. And if you're ever in NYC check his Rice and Peas first Mondays monthly with Federation Sound's Max Glazer.

//MR.MENTION - Resident DJ at Overtime Fridays and Fiyah! Thursdays in San Diego, know about this homie. Also catch his mix with DJ Beatnick for Made Jewelry right here: MadeMix Vol.2.

//And don't forget, you can cop a free cd of my Devil's Pie Sade Tribute Pt.2 mix at GOLDEN this Saturday.. email to reserve a copy at ..1neLuv..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

//Sade Tribute Pt.2 Mix ..

//Mixed by me, DJ Dmadness and recorded live at Devil's Pie Los Angeles on July 15, 2009. This is the sequel to the first Sade Tribute mix I did at Devil's Pie SF in February 2008 (online download here and cd copies here). Whereas the first mix was composed of all-vinyl selections including Sade favorites from all 4 of her classic LPs, 12" and 7" remixes... this second mix contains other album cuts, b-sides, songs interpolating and sampling Sade classics, hip-hop blends, house remixes and live blends. Much love and thanks to the fam who laced me with some of those songs, yall know who you are! I feel this is a worthy followup and companion to the first mix. Respect to Sade and look out for her new album which is supposedly coming November 2009!

Special thanks to Devil's Pie resident djs Phatrick and Roza for letting me do my thing and all the L.A. fam for coming out. If you're in Southern California I highly recommend checking out Devil's Pie next Wednesday night, August 19, at Verdugo Bar as they welcome guest dj and soul sista herself Kim Hill who will be throwing down a special Slum Village Tribute (RIP Baatin, RIP Dilla, long live T3).

Limited CD copies of this Devil's Pie Sade Tribute Pt.2 will be available Free at Devil's Pie L.A. Aug.19 and me & Zita's 3rd Saturday GOLDEN on Aug.15

1 Why Can't We Live Together
2 Give It Up
3 Frankie's First Affair
4 Nothing Can Come Between Us
5 The Sweetest Taboo (D's Highway Intro)
6 Tabou (Extended Roots Remix) by Les Nubians
7 Doomsday by MF Doom
8 Kiss of Life (Golden Soundscapes ReKiss)
9 Clean Heart (Mr. Fives Remix)
10 War of the Hearts (Paul Nice Blend)
11 Siempre Hay Esperanza
12 When Am I Going to Make a Living
13 Maureen
14 I Couldn't Love You More
15 Turn My Back on You (Heffs Mix)
16 Paradise (Ronin Remix)
17 Paradise by Dubsensemania
18 By Your Side (Yard Mix 1)
19 Bullet Proof Soul
20 Lovers Rock
21 Cherish the Day
22 King of Sorrow
23 Somebody Already Broke My Heart
24 Feel No Pain (Nellie Hooper Remix)
25 All About Our Love
26 Love Is Stronger Than Pride
27 Your Love Is King (Live in San Diego, 1993)
28 Smooth Operator (Live in San Diego,1993)
29 Like A Tattoo (House Mix)
30 Give It Up (House Mix)

//Last but not least, here's the lil reflip on the intro I did for the mix, sampling Mos Def and Black Thought waxing poetic about Ms. Helen Folasade Adu. 1neLuv..

Sade - "The Sweetest Taboo (D's Highway Intro)"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

//The Oakland Stroke x The Perfect Beat..

//It's that time that comes around only a handful of times of year.. that magical 5TH Friday when the stars align and Z&D spin for the hometown at Luka's. Quite possibly my favorite party of all to spin at, you can expect all kinds of jams mixed with lots of town love. WE LOVE THE TOWN, just like the Parkway Theater (RIP). Here's a lil joint to get you fired up for Friday:

Tony Toni Toné - "Oakland Stroke (Upso Mix)" (EX UK Polydor, 1990)

//This Saturday ain't no slouch either, as Zita and I follow up with another installment of THE PERFECT BEAT, in which we take the turntables on a soul trip from continent to continent drawing Sharpie lines between Fela and Bebel and Beres and Amel. Expect the unexpected and that means Good Music. And for the road, a tune penned by the one Stevie Wonder..1neLuv

Minnie Riperton - "Take a Little Trip" (Capitol, 1974)

Friday, July 10, 2009

//Sonido x Sade x L.A..

//It's a trip, to this day I have yet to spin in Los Angeles. That's why I'm particularly excited about this upcoming run to the sun this coming week. As a Bay Area cat, Tony Toni Tone's "It Never Rains In Southern California" always comes to mind when contemplating a ride south. Thanks to the homies Phatrick and Roza I'm coming down to bless Devil's Pie L.A. with a new Sade tribute! The first Sade tribute I did was back in February 2008 at Namu Bar in SF, and the recording is still available as a free download here and a mixCD here. For next Wednesday's set I've dug up some more joints I didn't play before as well as some other surprises, plus we've got exclusive Sade shirts and red velvet cupcakes!

//I also have the opportunity to spin at Sonido Sundays, a reggae/latin party at the Little Temple in Silverlake, former home of the infamous Root Down Thursday nite party with Sonido Soundsystem selectors Higher, Sloe Poke, and DJ Expo alongside The Rhythm Section. I'll be packing a toolbox of reggae 45s to throw down. L.A. fam, see you when I get there. 1neLuv..

WED 7.15.09



With Residents:


Exclusive Limited Edition T-Shirt Available by BEATROCK CLOTHING

free pastries provided by:


3408 Verdugo Rd
Glassell Park, Los Angeles


click cover to download the first Sade Tribute
at Devil's Pie SF, February 28, 2008:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

//Folks get Brown in the sunshine..

//For yall I have put together a new mix for the sunshine and beautiful summer weather we are having here in the Bay. No song defines that family bbq summer vibe like Roy Ayers' timeless cut "Everybody Loves the Sunshine," so in a documentarian effort I have compiled and mixed all the songs I knew of and could dig up that sampled, interpolated, or revisited those indelible vibraphones and simply perfect lyrics. I also took some liberties with a couple sun-themed blends. Much respect to Roy Ayers, and enjoy. 1neLuv..

"Folks get Brown in the sunshine" by DJ Dmadness

1. Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers f/ Erykah Badu
2. Turn It Up - Masta Ace Inc.
3. Dedicated - Funkdoobiest
4. Valley Of The Skinz - Trends Of Culture
5. Wake Up (Reprise In the Sunshine) - Brand Nubian
6. Proceed II - The Roots f/ Roy Ayers
7. In The Sun (D's Listenmix) - Common, Black Thought & Joi
8. Listen Up - Erule
9. Lost Souls - 2Pac f/ Outlawz
10. Sunshine - Naughty by Nature
11. My Life - Dr. Dre
12. Shines - Royal Flush
13. With or Without You (rmx) - Opio
14. Book of Life - Common Sense
15. The Sun (D's G-Unit Rmx) - Ghostface Killah f/ Raekwon, Slick Rick & the RZA
16. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (9th Wonder Remix) - Roy Ayers
17. My Life - Mary J. Blige
18. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (D's medley) - Incognito/Roy Ayers Ubiquity/D'Angelo
19. Everybody Loves the Sunshine - RAMP

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

//This Way 2 Our Neck Uv Da Woods..

//Reeemix! A good Kanye beat (that had a meh Kanye verse in the original) freshly laced with verses from Big Boi and Andre 3000 from a forgotten 12" single with Mystikal. Follow me..

In the state of confused
City of forgotten faith, county of the blues
Street address: generation x avenue

OutKast - "This Way 2 Our Neck Uv Da Woods (D's Blend)"