Wednesday, July 29, 2009

//The Oakland Stroke x The Perfect Beat..

//It's that time that comes around only a handful of times of year.. that magical 5TH Friday when the stars align and Z&D spin for the hometown at Luka's. Quite possibly my favorite party of all to spin at, you can expect all kinds of jams mixed with lots of town love. WE LOVE THE TOWN, just like the Parkway Theater (RIP). Here's a lil joint to get you fired up for Friday:

Tony Toni Toné - "Oakland Stroke (Upso Mix)" (EX UK Polydor, 1990)

//This Saturday ain't no slouch either, as Zita and I follow up with another installment of THE PERFECT BEAT, in which we take the turntables on a soul trip from continent to continent drawing Sharpie lines between Fela and Bebel and Beres and Amel. Expect the unexpected and that means Good Music. And for the road, a tune penned by the one Stevie Wonder..1neLuv

Minnie Riperton - "Take a Little Trip" (Capitol, 1974)