Thursday, May 28, 2009

//Dmadness' Breathing Apparatus..

//A lil something for all those coming off a tough week
Everyone working nights and weekends
All my peoples tightening up in the recession
To folks dragged down by drama
People with car problems
Had stuff stolen
Can't find their keys
Or caught a chest cold
All fam on their way to see someone in the hospital
All djs making do with busted gear
And most especially
All my educators almost done with the school year

Dmadness' Breathing Apparatus (Mini-Mix #3)
1. Blackalicious f/ Saul Williams - "Release pt.2"
2. Black Star - "Respiration (Dr.Luke Remix)"
3. Mystic f/ Donell Jones - "Breathe (Better Days)" <- prod by Kanye
4. Common "Inhale"
5. J.Rawls f/ Venus Malone & Wordsworth "Inhale,Exhale"
6. Q-Tip - "Breathe & Stop"


Sunday, May 10, 2009

//Hey Mama..

{the lighthouse at Point Reyes}

Miss you mom. Love you!

Goodie MOb - "Guess Who" (Arista, 1995)