Thursday, January 14, 2010

//GOLDEN 2010

//Here's to a GOLDEN 2010. Recent unfathomable events, while reminding us of the tremendous inequalities that exist yes in the western hemisphere, should also remind us to heed Jill Scott's mantra to live ya life like it's golden and not take anything in life for granted. And to help in any way you feel able (like this).
//This Saturday DJ Zita and I kick off our GOLDEN year with a couple of the homies in tow. Not only are they nice djs but they are also a couple genuinely nice peoples:

//OwlBoogie (Action Figures) - This dapper dude has been around for a while now, he ain't no new jack. In fact I remember seeing him catch wreck on the wikka-wikka a good 8 or so years ago as the backing deejay for Kiwi. Know his steeze by checking out this 15min-to-the-head 4-track mix from 1993 (!!what were these young serato whippersnappers doing back in '93? huh?) and more flava here, like Low End Theory vs. Midnight Marauders for your ATCQ fix.

//DJ un.D.fine (Devil's Pie) - This cat Virak is another dj for the people. Hella soulful. Check him out on some ol' robotic futuristic George Jetson crazy joint--live a coupla weeks ago on Neitherworld Radio with his Come Ride My Spaceship mix, and of course, you can't front on his Devil's Pie Maxwell Tribute.

//Lastly, I went into the archives and pulled one of my live sets from Golden in March '09. This one in particular is an opening set (we drop the needle at 9pm) of the great things about spinning in the early hours of a party is being able to focus more on laying a vibe and setting a mood versus trying to keep pushing the energy higher and higher during the peak of the night. You get to express your inner music nerd and throw on some cutty album tracks and lesser-known gems that you love. Vibe with me..

DJ Dmadness Live at Golden (March 21, 2009)