Tuesday, April 20, 2010

//Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, Rest in Power..

thanks to Aebl Dee for capturing this
even though that other "producer guy" was there with him that day,
notice that he still signed the records "GURU - GANGSTARR"
//True to his name, Keith Elam was more than just a rapper or a hip hop artist. He was a true teacher and hero. I've told this story before, but when I met him at Moses Music in East Oakland back in '05, he spoke to the gathering of deejays and hip hop heads about his career. He explained that every single rhyme he ever put to tape contained some bit of knowledge or something positive for the youth in it. He described how he had been building with E-40 the night before. He talked about how he was clean, no smoking or drinking for the past year. He was down-to-earth and cordial, a true king.

//Thank you GURU for sharing your knowledge and life through hip hop. Many in my generation were raised by your rhymes not to just come up and make money and do for ourselves, but to be concerned and active about unity, learning, justice and something larger. Peace to you and your family. We will take the weight, Guru, we will take the weight..

So won't you dig the scenario
And just imagine if each one is teachin' one
We'll come together so that we become
A strong force, then we can stay on course
Find your direction through introspection
And for my people out there I got a question
Can we be the sole controllers of our fate?
Now who's gonna take the weight?