Tuesday, December 14, 2010

//Family Time: A Golden Skillet Weekend

//What's the holiday season without family? This weekend, at the start of Winter Break, your Golden Soundscapes DJs MamaZita and Dmadness get to spend some quality time on both sides of the Bay Bridge with the following fam://Friday we parlay with DJ Crimson, a homie from waaay back, a skilled mixer and scratcher, and a producer in his own right. He does this red hot night in the Town with The Dime, the Richmond (CA) duo K.Nightshift and Chioke, who are the dopest crew from the Bay to hit since the Honor Roll. Their forthcoming album Brickyard Cove is solid from top to bottom, grown and soulful with equal parts Pete Rock and Richie Rich. A taste from The Skillet:
Tears by The Dime
Rollin' Up 2 by The Dime
//Saturday we round out our year at home, at GOLDEN with good friend DJ VNA, Esq. who has been mentioned on this blog numerous times before. Always a good night! Happy holidays yall. 1neLuv..