Monday, February 21, 2011

//Paisley Mixes..

//A while back one of the homies asked me if I knew of any good Prince mixes, or if I had done one for that matter. Live sets yes, but much as I love Prince, I never went in the lab to do something. Intimidating, to say the least. Fortunately for all of us, three seriously dope djs have attempted and succeeded. These mixes explore the deep catalog of a musical genius and living legend, and like a great dj should do, introduce you to lesser-known tracks and versions.

DJ Jaycee - The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol.1 (2008)
Joints from '78-'86 era Prince, The Time, The Family, The interview snippets are incredible as well...and if you don't follow The Afternoon Delight, Jaycee's drivetime mixshow on Atlanta's V-103 you might not know what radio should really sound like..

DJ Dredd - Prince "Genius" Mixtape (2010)
Can't say enough good things about this dude Dredd, but I will say he has held down the successful "Prince vs." party in D.C. for 10 years. This mix visits Prince sounds from '78-'90. Check his Soundcloud also for "Prince vs. Neptunes," "Prince vs. Andre 3000," and "Prince vs. Madonna vs. MJ" mixes...he's got one of the deepest Prince collections I've heard.

dj MOma - SEXLOVELY (2011)
I know, I just posted this last week for Valentine's Day, but any mix that starts with "When 2 R N Love" deserves another spin!

//Prince plays tonight and Wednesday in Oakland!!! Bless..