Monday, May 23, 2011

//ESCAPE 5/27 special guest dj un.d.fine

//It's been a long time, I shoudn'ta left you..

But been busy with new life!
On that note, cue the video:

//Oh yeah, and this Friday, May 27 #ESCAPE goes down in the Town, myself guesting in for DJ Zita, who makes her full dj return from maternity leave in June (hint hint #GOLDEN 5-Year Anniversary)!!
//Alongside yours truly this month at The Layover we got our fam, real humble cat and forward-thinking selector un.d.fine. As west coast legend Aceyalone once said, "me i'd rather be un.d.fine-d / not underestimated or undermined / i'm underlined as the underdog / under the influence of time." Come thru catch the vibes and listen good!

un.d.fine - "driftin thru space"
(live mix on neitherworld radio)

Aceyalone - "Arythamaticulas" (Capitol, 1995)


soul.nice said...

thanks for the shoutout bro!!! Looking fwd!!!

soul.nice said...

thanks for the shoutout bro!!! looking fwd!!!