Monday, September 29, 2008


So Big Brother, I mean Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, deleted the post I had written up last week to big up the two Obama fundraisers I was going to DJ at and be a part of, last week's 40 DAYS TIL CHANGE (which raised upwards of $Three Stacks to go toward voter outreach in the swing states) and this week's BARACK THE VOTE 2. In my email notification, it says they were alerted that there were links in the post that infringed on copyrighted material. I wonder which one set it off...was it the reggae Obama tribute? The spoken word Obama tribute? The DJ mix Obama tribute? The militant rapper Obama tribute? The video of David Letterman roasting John McCain on Late Night? Or was it really the YouTube video in which a 17-year-old African American emcee from LA explains that he is, indeed, Bristol Palin's baby daddy (look it up for yourself...this election takes the cake for comedy)? Such blogospheric mysteries may never be understood nor revealed in our lifetimes.

Whatever the case may be, we will keep bloggin til the wheels fall off and wheelin til the blogs fall off. We will also keep riding for Barack Obama, because as was shown in Friday's debate, he is not going to base his administration on fear and anti-Islamic hate-mongering like that other dude who kept saying that Obama "just doesn't get it." Get what, divide and conquer? Anyway, see you this Friday at Poleng Lounge with a whole host of the Bay's brightest who "get it." 1neluv.


Natty said...

Interesting Blog...One Love