Thursday, October 2, 2008

//D's Super 3 for Wall Street

WaMu went under in the biggest bank failure in US history. Them fat cats on Wall Street want zamillions of taxpayer money to keep the
<---bullshh flowing smoovely? Let my man
Zulu break it down. Here's the soundtrack to the stock market nosedive:

1. Cocoa Tea "Mr. Neck Tie Man" (Xterminator, 1998)
I wanna know what is your evil plan.
2. El Michels Affair "C.R.E.A.M." (Truth & Soul, 2006)
Get the money, dolla dolla bill yall. The Amerykhan Promise.

3. The Roots f/ Amiri Baraka "Something in the Way" (MCA, 2002)
In retrospect Phrenology was a pretty dope LP, especially with this track that Pharrell suggested (tongue-in-cheek) The Roots should make their first single.
Imagine an alternate universe where this was a radio hit. This is the sound of the United Snakes economy crashing and burning... Watch this phenomenal independently-filmed video, it's worth 8 minutes of your life.

And of course, this classic (did I say CLASSIC?) jam from The Coup. I remember watching this video on CMC! 1neluv.


Karim Scarlata said...

Thanks for posting that video. I keep seeing Boots (or a look a like) rolling around two four. I think I may have even seen him at the St. Luke's emergency room at 2 in the morning. I regretted that I no longer carry a mirror in my pocket.