Monday, November 3, 2008

//Obama for Best DJ Tribute Mixes

I'ma keep it simple on this one: I've attempted to do a Round-Up of the DJ mixes that are out there. If anyone has more, hit me up with the link or leave it in the comments. Not many words to say about tomorrow, just keeping my fingers crossed. 1neLuv..

First off though, my man Pete, another teacher-by-day, ____-by-night fam laid this song and video down way before Obama even won the Dem primary:

Damn Pete - "Vote Obama"

DJ Premier - Time 4 Change Mixtape

DJ Green Lantern+Russell Simmons - Barack Obama:Yes We Can Mixtape

DJ Z-Trip - Party for Change Mix (Live at Manifest Hope Gallery, Denver during the DNC)

DJ King Most - The Obamix

DJ Basta - Vote For Hope Mix

DJ Ant-1 - Obama Election Day Mix / Krazy Kids Radio

DJ Noodles - Barack Obama PSA (The Closing Argument) Mixtape