Wednesday, December 3, 2008

//School of Hard Knocks, My IQ is MENSA..

//I don't mind Kanye's new medium, but for those moments when I just need to hear emcees go in and hospitalize a pretty beat, this is my duo of choice.. at least until Big Boi and Andre3000 make another rap album, the Brothers Thornton play give-and-go with the mic better than any. Double entendres all over the place, Pusha Ton sounding like a wicked hungry jackal, and Malice slanging biblical references better than a Comparative Lit professor. These guys are smart, witty, passionate, and ain't trippin about being p.c.

Excellent mixtape to promote their clothing line, which who cares if it's not that tight, the music is:

Clipse - Road to Till The Casket Drops Mixtape


Karim Scarlata said...

Thank you mr. Madness

DJ Icewater said...

whatever happened to spitters? rappers are too cute nowadays.