Monday, March 30, 2009

//Extra Extra Loving..

//Here are several of the 20+ songs I had to cut from my lovers rock mix Extra Loving to get it to fit on a cd. The first couple drafts I made were 90+ minutes so the choppers had to come out. The chunes I left on the studio floor either didn't fit sonically or were just not the toppa di top. I also left some out cause I didn't want to get too cover-happy. The mix is not about r&b versions and reggae covers (future Knowmadic DJs mix) but about...Love. Nevertheless, these songs were in the original stack of 45s for a reason and they make for good listening on their own. By the way, most of these are pretty rare 7s. Bless up!

Little Kirk - "No Ordinary Love" (Roof International, ?)

Sade cover. Aiight but notable because it's...a Sade cover!

Dubsensemania - "Paradise" (Sony, 2004)

Dubsensemania - "Jah Love Everyone" (Sony, 2004)

Sade cover #2 plus a great original tune. The homie King S02 brought me the 10" double LP Appearance from Japan a while back. It's a Japanese dub reggae band that includes the talented melodica player Ras Takashi (his LP Forward to the East gets regular burn around here) as well as other thorough musicians and vocalists that are part of the legendary Bullwackie's "Far East Chapter." I was also blessed with the the 10" double LP Disappearance of dub versions that goes with it which is extra fresh.

Wayne Wonder - "Groove My Mind" (Shang Muzik, 1992)

Version over the riddim for Mad Cobra's "Flex" (covers a Color Me Badd song, ha!). Love it, really wished it made the cut but it was this or Sizzla so you know..

Richie Stephens - "Overjoyed" (Grand Gallery, 2007)

Japanese press Stevie cover niceness.

Rita Marley f/ Tony Rebel - "Is This Love" (Tuff Gong, 1998)

Inna combination stylee for one of Bob's classics. Novelty factor but in the end just wasn't feeling it enough.

John McLean - "Lovin You" (Peckings, 2007)

Lady Lex - "What A Difference A Day Makes" (Peckings, 2007)

Nice throwback vibe that this label (home of Bitty) is known for. Just couldn't finesse this one, all the segues I did with these sounded terrible. Plus the name of the riddim "Since We Broke Up" kinda killed it.

Marcia Griffiths - "Love Is Automatic" (Penthouse, 2008)

Da'ville - "Tonight Is Yours" (Penthouse, 2008)

Label royal pedigree? Check. Female reggae legend? Check. This really is one of the best riddims of '08 but I copped it the day before I recorded the final draft and it was too late in the game -- I was supposed to be cutting songs, not adding more! There's a nice Marcia-Busy Signal combination on the b-side but I really like the og. This tune was also written by Alaine, who I put on the mix like a dozen times! The Da'ville goes nice with it.

Robin Thicke - "Lost Without U (Reggae Mix)" (Rosies EU, 2007)

UK press niceness. I had put the original on my last V-Day mix so that nixed it. Boring Tyrese reggae version on the flip.

Extra Loving selected by DJ Dmadness available here at the Giant Peach. 1ne Luv..