Monday, March 16, 2009

//SFIAAFF 2009 For Your Mind..

//Me & Z got a chance to rock the Asian Art Museum for the Opening Gala of the 2009 SF Intl Asian American Film Festival. Here's some flicks from the event, plus photos from the Directions In Sound event at 111 Minna the following night. Big up to Marky//DJ Proof and all the folks that came thru. More coverage here, there and everywhere.

According to this article we played "Junior High Prom" music?!
Mpenzi keepin it knowmadic & Proof looking very marketing directorly
B-Boy Roger fell through
Mama Z at Directions in Sound
GOLDEN A&R Department
Honor Roll!!
The homie Tap had to spin under that disturbing ObamaLincoln//Big Brother portrait
Kush Arora is family, plus he makes these crazy lasers come outta the laptop when he wrecks shop, you gotta see it in real life..