Monday, February 21, 2011

//daddy's crate..

//words aren't really going to do justice here.. i'll simply say that i am certainly not the first nor the last to contemplate this young world soon come.. this lil mix goes out to all the dads who have been holding it down, all the recent papas and especially the soon-to-be-fathers. 1st take, no post-production cause daddy ain't perfect. bless..

photography: nina parks

daddy's crate.. dj dmadness.. feb 2011

show me the good life - blu & exile
invetro - organized konfusion
the foundation - xzibit
fetus (belly button window) - nas
seven months - bambu
be a father to your child - ed og & da bulldogs
searching - roy ayers
isn't she lovely - yami bolo
babyfather - sade
little one - bilal
ur daddy loves u (gil-scott heron) - dj asparagus