Monday, October 27, 2008

//The Freaks Come Out in The Town..

We Love The Town, even though fools will pull a moving van up to the side of the house when you are at work, break into the bedroom window, dump all the contents of your drawers and closets on the floor and the bed, take your laptop, jewelry, turntables, dj equipment (packing it all into your dj bags), try on your jacket and throw it on the floor, take a bottle of champagne from your fridge, tag "Sticky Bandits" on your wall in toy writing with a red paint marker…

Yup, We Still Love The Town because not everyone in Oakland is shady. In fact, we got to see just how big people's hearts are after the shadiness went down. Big up to all the neighbors who came out and had an impromptu neighborhood watch meeting on the sidewalk, the friends who came through and kept us company, the family who helped us make the house more secure, and of course to the Bay Area DJ community! All the DJs that offered to loan and give us equipment and spin if we have a fundraiser, and the friends and family and who continuously show love. We'll keep yall posted about that fundraiser.

We're extra excited because We Love The Town (aka The Black Panther Party *wink*wink*) this month falls on Halloween and we've got true Oakland legend Pam The Funkstress with us. Pam is a pioneer, one of the first female djs in the Bay and a veteran since the late 80s. As The Coup's DJ alongside another Town legend Boots Riley, she has put down classic hip hop albums Kill My Landlord, Genocide & Juice, Steal This Album (with my alltime fave "Me & Jesus The Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Nite"), Party Music ...the artwork of which was pulled as it was being printed the day of Sept.11 because it featured exploding World Trade Center Towers, and Pick A Bigger Weapon.

It's going down in The Town for Halloween!! Costumes are not a must but they would be really dope, plus there's prizes too, and giveaways from Oaklandish, Oakbook and Scion. We Love The Town yall, 1neLuv.

The Coup - "Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night" (Dogday, 1998)

with Oakland Legend
PAM the Funkstress
(The Coup/B.A.S.S.)

and resident Town selectors
(Golden Soundscapes)