Friday, October 24, 2008

//Sticky Bandits in the House..

So these clowns broke into our house on Wednesday morning after we left for work and took all of our DJ/home studio equipment (4 turntables+), laptop, cameras, cash, jewelry.. And they had the nerve to tag "Sticky Bandits" on the wall in that weakass writing. My middle school students have waay more style. But these were probably some kids too because who does that type of immature, stupid shh? Are you serious?

Turns out a house nearby was hit the morning before by the Sticky Bandits, and OPD has taken several reports with the same m.o.  I also heard that there's cats in the area that rock black sweatshirts with their "crew" name printed in white. As my boy K.S. said, "thats pretty brazen to sign off on multiple hits and be hanging around he same streets wearing the hoodies." Times is hard, but daym...fools are just asking for it. 

Well, thank you to everyone who showed love, called and emailed, all the djs who offered to loan/give us equipment, and of course the neighbors for having our back (too bad everyone was at work).  Many fam have suggested throwing a fundraiser to help replace what they jacked. We'll see what's up. 1neLuv yall.


Denise said...

you told me they tagged inside . . .i had no idea it was big! we're all on the lookout for anyone wearing sticky bandits wear -- your nephews are definitely leading the hunt!